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Skateboarderpro Takes On The Online Skateboard Biz

The last few years, say over the last 10, the business revolving around the “skate culture” has exploded. A couple years ago I attended an ASR conference in San Diego and was blown away by the sheer volume of industry that has built itself up around the remains of the 80′s skateboard revival. It’s the third coming of the skate industry as the phoenix has indeed risen and there is no stopping this juggernaut. Hard goods, soft goods, you name it, there were hundreds of exhibitors, many with giant brand recognition all vying for a slice of this huge lucrative skate culture market.

The whole conference was just dripping with “hipness” I was beginning to get self-conscious that I wasn’t cool enough as it was dawning on me the huge opportunity available to so many different segments. Lots of stash is definitely being made. Skateboarding is not just for kids, it’s a major cultural movement with a huge periphery. It’s not just about selling skateboard hardware; decks wheels etc. It’s selling an entire culture now…and it’s selling like hotcakes.

I was down at the conference with a good friend who owns a small skateboard manufacturing company and I was along to help a bit on the marketing and to try to raise the company’s profile a bit. Like a lot of other industries, the skateboard business has evolved into a distribution pipeline that is rather strictly controlled by a few established companies that supply all the major product. If you’re a retailer, you need these guys bad because they’ve got the gear the buying public wants. If you’re an upstart retailer it can be almost impossible to get the key products because another more established retailer in your area has the deal with the distributor. So a good deal of smaller retailers languish trying to flog unknown product, and the sad thing is that in many cases, this unknown product may be just as good or exceed the quality of the name brands.

This is where my friend’s dilemma comes in; he’s a manufacturer trying to get distribution. Up until now, he’s been flogging his own stuff the best he can by dealing direct with smaller retailers in his home territory. But with North American manufacturing costs being what they are and being forced to compete with cheaper made chinese product that the dominant distributors flood the market with he’s seeing his profits dwindle. At this point now, in order for him to succeed he needs wider distribution. He needs to be in stores all over North America and most importantly, he needs Internet distribution.

When I look around at the retailers on the Internet, there are some very cool sites, some with brick and mortar realities, but more that are strictly online ventures. Nevertheless, they almost all fall prey to the distributors. Not every shop has every big name product. For example, if distributor A has big name X & Y, and he’s your supplier, if your customer wants product Z, which just happens to be distributor B’s major line, that customer is going to another shop and there’s not much you as the retailer can do because you’re never going to get product Z as long as you sell X & Y from your guy. In some industries this is not such a problem because one product can be just as good quality-wise as the next and the customer base is not so brand fixated. But in the skate biz brand and image are kings and they come a dime a dozen. With slews of competing products, highly geared for brand recognition, quality is almost a secondary concern with most of the kids consuming these products. The skateboard consumer wants the latest and the greatest and who lets them know what these products are? Enter the skateboard pro. The professionals in the sport today are truly amazing athletes, defying fear and gravity to perform sometimes unbelievably complex and technical maneuvers. Look for skateboarding coming to an Olympics near you very soon, no joke.

This sport has gained major credibility over the last decade. Read credibility as ‘ka ching’ factor. Flip through the pages of one of the many mainstream skateboard magazines and you’ll have a hard time finding the articles hidden beneath all the advertising. And just like many other tournament based sports, these young pros are making their money with endorsements. Younguns like Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez, Terry Kennedy, and Rob Dyrdek are hoovering up large dollars wearing their sponsor’s clothes, and riding their sponsor’s equipment. These skateboard pros are living, breathing billboards for the clamoring skateboard consumer base, which is now almost a world wide market.

With so many “name” products out there and companies changing skate pros like underwear there seems to be a couple of interesting opportunities here. Enter, a new site I recently stumbled upon that features a rotating top ten of hot pro skaters. There’s some YouTube links to some videos but there’s also a complete list of the skateboard gear these guys are sponsors for with direct links to buy the stuff online at a claimed “researched” cheapest price. I’ve seen some online retailers who organize their inventory by pro skater but because they don’t get all the big names due to their supplier deals some of the breakdowns of what they can get are pretty lame. Skateboarderpro has it all. Pick your favorite pro from the top ten and instantly see links to EVERYTHING that rider uses, from deck to trucks, wheels, bearings, even the shoes. Skateboarderpro researches a variety of online retailers and puts it all together on one site. If you want to buy the exact setup say, Danny Way is riding, you don’t have to search around and order form 3 different sites. Skateboarderpro utilizes an Amazon aStore to combine the entire transaction into one shopping cart so it really is a skateboard enthusiast shopper’s dream.

The second opportunity I eluded to earlier is, with the skate culture endlessly gaining momentum, and sponsor companies eagerly searching for the next “pro” to exploit, the career choice of “professional skateboarder” is quickly becoming a reality for every pimply faced kid down at the local skatepark. has an offering for this as well with a new book, “GO PRO, The Definitive Guide On How To Become A Professional Skateboarder”. A quick check around the interweb and you’ll see there’s not much in-depth info available on the actual mechanics involved in becoming a pro skater, so I’d be eager to see what this book had to offer if I was dreaming of one day winning the X Games on a vert ramp. Unfortunately, I’m definitely over forty and my trips to the skatepark these days are fettered with fits of panic interspersed with fleeting moments of glee as I valiantly attempt to find some flow without eating some concrete. I think my dreams of going pro are long gone but I might check the book for my son, and hip my skateboard manufacturing friend to

Internet Online Home Based Business Coach

When it comes to starting an online business, especially as a newbie (beginner), its a bonus to have a coach who can encourage, inspire, motivate, teach, and create strategies to expose yourself as an entrepreneur.

As a matter of fact, attracting traffic to your website is the ultimate goal for online businesses. In other words, if you can direct tons of traffic to your website, the chances are, someone at some point, will buy your offerings.

Provided that you have the product or goods that visitors need or want.

For this purpose, by experience, a coach can teach you how to expose your website to the masses of visitors hovering around on the Internet, looking for the next best thing to enhance their appearance, to earn money online or find the answers and solutions to their problems.

One of the greatest joys I have experienced in my life, is the opportunity to be a coach in a field of sport in which I have a passion for, namely in the game of Rugby.

I was brought up from a toddler to play this tough mans sport mainly since my father played this game and it was a sport that seemed to dominate my peer groups in the street we lived on. Furthermore, the passion for this game was embedded, as I became a teenager through my college years and extending towards adulthood. And certainly, it wasn’t long before I started coaching my children and adults at school and club level.

Not only this, but the thought of being a coach, became a training ground for the future prospects of coaching elite players and jobs opportunities available around the world. In fact, the salary packages are quite substantial and enticing for any rugby coach who has a passion for this sport.

Having said that, the most rewarding experience as a coach was the joys of watching my teams execute moves and strategies to win very important games and, sometimes winning the game by 1 point or by 1 try.

The same with an Internet online home based business coach. The online business coach knows when to execute the proper way of writing articles, the proper ways to expose your website. By way of example, to start with “Affiliate Marketing” is the opportunity to promote other people’s products and services and get paid a commission when someone buys the product from your store (blog or website).

The same is true with “Article Marketing,” as a positive traffic generator, especially if you have a talent for writing. And, the countless directory sites proliferated around the search engines and certain software to automate the delivery process is beyond belief, as you will or may have experienced.

By way of example, its common knowledge among gurus to work smart with marketing activities than work hard as it speeds up the process by allowing other people to do the work for you. Websites such as are popular as professionals offer their expertise for all kinds of subjects as well as article writing.

Considering this, there are hundreds of directory sites that will love to have your articles in their directory as these sites need good quality content to keep their directory sites on top of the search Engines. Furthermore, this is an excellent opportunity to expose your business acumen and the opportunity to create back links to your website.

More importantly, an Internet online home-based business coach will teach you why it’s important to put a bio authors signature link at the end of each article.

In conclusion, there are numerous ways an Internet online home-based business coach can teach. From article marketing, search engine optimization, forum marketing, social media and many more traffic generators that are part of the necessary arsenal to expose your website to thousands of visitors. However, the real challenge for a beginner (newbie) is finding a coach who has these teaching skills.

Unfortunately, there are gurus who tend to keep their Webmaster skills to themselves without sharing their success of ‘how to do’ training. And if you come across one of these marketing gurus, the chances are, you may need to pay a big substantial fee to belong to their inner circle. Fortunately, though, there are gurus who are quite willing to share their expertise for free or a minuscule fee.

If you don’t have a website, and would like an e-store that will start your online career from a good start, you can click on the link below and you will be taken for an example of a website to sell “Hot” digital products online at a shoestring budget and last of all you will have the opportunity to be schooled by a 12 month mentor to teach you step by step how to market these products also at a minuscule fee.

Discovering The Right Sports Medicine Career

Are you ready to jump into an exciting career filled with energized people? A career in medicine can put you into the action, even if you are on the sideline instead of actually in the middle of the game. Jobs in sport medicine are fast growing.

What is This Medical Career?

Before listing career opportunities it is important you have a good understanding exactly what sports medicine is. It is the study and practice of skills and techniques for the medical treatment and therapy for individuals who participate in athletics or physical activity. The definition is actually quite broad. Professional medical techniques are used for the treatment of injuries sustained through all types of physical activity which can include:

Sore Muscles from Weight Lifting

Broken Bones or Injured Joints from Contact Sports

Strained Backs from an Over Zealous Golf Swing

Minor Impact Injuries from Aerobics Classes

Torn Ligaments of a Professional Baseball Pitcher

Treatment of a Sprained Ankle

If you see a professional treating a sports or exercise related injury it can be considered under the umbrella of sports medicine.

The Variety of Careers in Athletic Medicine

As you may be guessing from the broad and somewhat vague definition of sports medicine the careers in this profession can cover a wide range of choices. Here are some of the more popular titles you may run across:

Sports Medicine Physician

Physical Therapist

Athletic Trainer

Massage Therapist


Exercise Physiologists


Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Health Fitness Specialist

Sports Nutritionist

Along with this wide variety of titles comes a large disparity in wages, too. At the pinnacle of wages is the medical physician with trainers being towards the lower end of the spectrum. Here are some median salaries for a variety of jobs in this field:

Medical Physician – $240,648

Physical Therapist – $74,336

Athletic Trainer – $38,972

Massage Therapist – $42,737

Chiropractor – $129,420

Exercise Physiologist – $44,849

Certified Personal Trainer – $52,750

Sports Nutritionist – $52,867

As becomes very obvious from these salary figures, medicine has a highly variable range of salaries. Depending on your level of education, experience, and specialty you can expect to make anywhere from an average income to very high income levels.

The Educational Requirements of a Sports Medicine Career

Careers can have a wide variety of educational requirements depending on your specialty. Let us examine a few of the sports medicine jobs and their educational demands.

Medical Physician – This broad specialty of medicine will require the following educational requirements:

4 Year Bachelor of Science Degree in Pre-Med or Science

4 Years of Medical School

3-5 Years of Residency

Multiple years of fellowship depending on specialty.

Sports Physical Therapist – This specialized form of physical therapy is also highly demanding in educational requirements, but the rewards are high. Physical therapists usually have less stress and work less hours per week than the average physician. The education requirements include:

4 Year Bachelors Degree

3 Years Doctor of Physical Therapy education. (Note: Some programs allow a 3+3 program where one year of physical therapy education replaces a year of your Bachelor Degree requirements.)

Sports Massage Therapist -This is a loosely regulated position which is usually licensed on a state level. Two examples of requirements for a massage therapist are:

Florida – 500 Hours Training – Passing of licensing exam.

New York – 1000 Hours Training – Pass State Exam.

This is one of the easiest educational directions to start your career in medicine. Many of the job openings will be found in fitness centers and spas with pay being based upon a percentage of sales.

Certified Personal Sports Trainer – Educational requirements on this position vary greatly. You can find courses through universities, trade schools, and online educational classes. You should check your local state requirements. Often the most important requirement is your own extreme level of fitness, knowledge of exercise mechanics, and ability to motivate.

A sports medicine career does not always mean going to 4 years or more of school. As you can see in the examples of a massage therapist or trainer the requirements can be much lower. The difference will be in your earning potential and ability to specialize. Choosing to pursue a career in sports medicine offers not only great income opportunities, but unique opportunities to serve in a career you love.