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Get High Definition NBA and Sports Programming With Satellite TV

There are many people that enjoy watching their favorite team will the big game on television. Going to a game is always great, but let’s face it, not always possible. Your favorite club may be located on the other side of the city, or even the other side of the country. Even if they are local, tickets can cost a fortune, as can parking, snacks, and souvenirs! It’s quite possible the games are on when you are at work or otherwise occupied, and life can’t simply stop for baseball, basketball, football or whatever your favorite team or teams may play! Men, women, children and everyone in between loves to cheer on their favorite players, so why not make it easier to do so? With cable TV you can get lots of channels with your team playing on them, but as any good fan of sporting events will have noticed, today the best way to watch is with high definition television. The big screen has never been beat for watching athletics, but a big screen with a crisp clear picture and impeccable sound may be the best way to watch the big game that mankind has ever invented. With way more detail than going to the stadium yourself, if you don’t want to miss a minute of the action or a single detail, staying at home may be the world’s favorite way to watch.

If basketball is your thing, check out new NBA league pass packages that allow you to watch every single one of the games. If you have trouble picking a favorite, or live in a household divided by teams, such a package may be the best way to stay diplomatic. If football is what calls you to the living room each Sunday, whether college or professional, a package like the NFL Sunday Ticket might be just what suits your fancy. Every single season game can be watched with crystal clear picture and definition, and there are even special supplemental features on the internet to help you stay up to date on stats, data, and even your fantasy team.

Even if your team is from abroad there are a range of international sports programs shown on satellite TV too. If cricket, rugby, soccer, or even something as obscure as Australian Rules Football is what you’re after, the best way to get a hold of the big game is not to head out to some dingy bar at 3 in the morning, but to simply record those middle of the night matches from the comfort of home with your DVR. If you are about to miss a minute of the action, just get online to control your DVR and make sure that each and every second is there for you to see later. As you go your DVR will even learn your likes and dislikes and automatically record similar programming for you, taking all of the guesswork out of recording midnight matches. No matter where you’re from, and no matter what your favorite team plays, don’t miss a second of the action with satellite television!

Choosing the Right Photographer For Your Youth Sports Picture Day Part II – Innovation

In our last article we talked about old school vs. new school photographers. Now let’s get an understanding of how that translates into choosing a photographer for your picture day.

We have been touching on how digital technology has revolutionized the photography industry. It has also revolutionized the products and services available by today’s youth sports photographers. When choosing the right company to do your youth sports photos make sure that they are taking advantage of what is available to them in the way of digital products.

The first sign of a lazy company is lack of innovation

If a photographer comes out to your league board meeting and has nothing to show you but prints, don’t walk, run away! Old school photographers are those who get set in their ways. It is easy to only offer prints for sale because they don’t have to hassle with processing additional orders. Now, that seems crazy to most of us but it is very common in this industry. With youth sports picture days you are not just dealing with a few orders, rather, you are dealing with hundreds or even thousands of orders from a single shoot. A sure sign you are dealing with a one person operation is a limited number of products.

The best youth sports photographers will have a large product selection available for parents to buy. Parents get bored with just another picture day. Look for someone with a variety of innovative products from which to choose and you will see parents get excited about picture day again.

Make sure they do the work

There are many youth sports photographers out there who pass a lot of work onto the leagues. Look for a company who makes it easy on you.

Make sure they do the picture day schedules. This is important not just because it makes your life easier, but a good youth sports photographer should understand what goes into making a successful picture day.

It is not the leagues job to staff picture day. Look for someone who doesn’t require league volunteers, this is a sign that they are willing to spend the money on proper staffing. All photographers should have assistants to help pose the children and make sure they look nice. Always ask if photographers have assistants for every photographer.

A lot of the good youth sports photographers out there today have the ability to ship the products directly to each parent. This is a great option for some leagues and is a sign of a good company. However, if the products are being delivered to the league, make sure they are going to be sorted out by team and clearly labeled. Basically, you want to be able to hand the products directly to each coach. Some companies even offer to ship the products directly to a coach or team mom for a small fee. This is well worth a few bucks to free up resources for all of the other things volunteers do.

Beware of the “I take care of everything” guy

We talked earlier of how one shoot could potentially have thousands of orders, right? Well, if you are dealing with a youth sports photographer who shoots multiple leagues it is easy to see how they could be dealing with thousands upon thousands of individual orders. When you combine that with all of the different volunteers to be dealt with it isn’t hard to figure out that requires a team of people. If you are working with a representative from a youth sports photographer who tells you they handle everything, watch out.

The reality is there is a ton of behind the scenes work that needs to be done to make sure things run smoothly. This cannot be done by one person; rather, it takes a strong team of people. Good youth sports photographers will have staff members assigned to work with a league representative directly. You should have multiple layers of contacts at the company and you should get to know the person planning your picture day.

Lastly, make sure to understand what happens when parents have questions or complaints. Regardless of how good a youth sports photographer is, there will always be mistakes. When you are photographing hundreds of children sometimes parents are in a rush and their handwriting cannot be easily read and something might get misspelled. Find a company who makes it right when things go wrong. Good companies will have dedicated people to take calls from parents, correct orders and handle customer service issues from each parent. If parents have to call the league first to report a problem, that is a red flag.

Beware of Price Focused Photographers

If all a company wants to talk about is how cheap of a price they are then they obviously don’t value their service that greatly. Neither will your parents. Remember that photography does take some talent. Many companies hire kids for $8 per hour with no photography experience, put the cameras on “P” (automatic mode) and click and pray. Low ball pricing is a good way to spot these companies. Look for a fair price but understand that they are in business and have to make a profit. It only takes a few low ball photographers to drive the quality of photography in a marketplace right into the dirt. Look for quality and overall value for your money.

Probably the most important thing to consider when choosing your youth sports photographer is reputation. Look online. The best youth sports photographers will have good testimonials on their website and more importantly, good reviews on sites like Google and Yahoo. Ask for references of customers with similar sized programs as well as some references outside of your sport. If you are a soccer league, ask for references of football or hockey leagues. These sports are a little more complicated to shoot and require more experience. Also, ask for long term references. Good companies will have long term relationships with other leagues and organizations. A long list of loyal, long term customers is more valuable that you can imagine. This is a very competitive industry so if someone has been using a company for a long time, that means they are doing a great job.

The last thing to consider is your own feelings. Go with your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, keep looking. There are a ton of companies out there. Just make sure to do your research. If you are reading this article you are obviously doing your homework. Just make sure to follow at least some of our advice.

Why Online Poker is Better Than Sports Betting to Make Money

Recently a rush of sports betting sites has been promoting themselves as way to make massive amounts of money. There are two major reasons why sports betting is a poor choice to make money as opposed to online poker.

The Gamble

In sports betting, there is a large element of gamble involved, since for the most part you must rely on too many variables that are against you in the bet. For example the line (or, point difference) is set by the house. This line usually is set so that it equals the game to a more fair and balanced number, therefore making it close to even odds in determining a winner.

This fact alone makes sports betting more of a gamble, since it is harder to rely on the merits of each team. In addition, other factors, such as the team’s mindset, the weather, or any injuries to a player during the game, force sports betting to be a gamble or game of chance.

Any of those factors could potentially cause a great loss to you, simply because you have no participation or control in the game. Without an element of control over the outcome, any game such as sports betting or the lottery becomes a relative game of chance.

The Control

In online poker, you have a great deal of control over the outcome of play, because you are directly involved in each play. Although the cards are random and there is an element of chance to some degree, you still have the decision making power to play or fold your poker hand.

In addition to choosing to play your poker hand or fold, you also can control the action in a Texas holdem game by the bets you make. You are able to force a player to fold or to trap him into giving you his chips when you have a great poker hand.

Texas Holdem is a perfect way to build a bankroll and to supplement your income as opposed to gambling on sports betting. Poker is a game of skill, not a game of chance or luck as many novice players believe.

In fact, a few of the most well known professional poker players (such as Howard Lederer) were former sports betting pro’s. These former gamblers now play poker and earn a substantially larger amount of money in Texas Hold em.

By educating yourself on the skills in Texas hold em, you can easily improve your play and your potential to make a great deal of money. Take the time to discover the many skills in poker and you will soon find it easier to make money in poker than in sports betting.