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A Comparison Dish Network vs DIRECT TV

Dish Network and Direct TV are both nationally based satellite television companies that have been awarded the JD Power and Associates award for customer satisfaction. Both of their satellite services are known for their low prices, large amounts of programming, and advanced technology. Though each company has a different selection of programming packages and specialty programming, they both use the latest satellite and television technology to provide customers with good television entertainment.

Depending on your needs, you will probably find that one of the satellite television companies works better for you than the other. For instance, if you really want to watch sports programming, Direct TV has a few more choices than Dish Network. Dish Network, however, has more high definition (HD) television and more foreign language programming. If any of these types of programming matter a lot to you, your decision will probably be made by which company offers the most of your preferred programming. However, if you are looking for only basic entertainment and high quality equipment, you’ll probably do best comparing the specials that each company runs on its programming and equipment. Dish Network has lower prices.You can find the latest technologies like DVRs and high definition receivers through either company and you can also access over 250 channels through either company. Prices on the programming packages differ, however, and depending on which equipment and the number of channels you want to receive, one company might seem a better choice than the other. Dish Network tends to offer slightly better deals.

Dish Network’s and Direct TV’s programming packages are fairly similar in the amount of programming they offer, though Direct TV’s most basic packages is larger than that of Dish Network. For instance, the smallest package of Dish Network is the America’s Top 100. Direct TV’s smallest package is Total Choice, which has 140 channels. The roles reverse at the next level with Dish Network offering America’s Top 200 and Direct TV offering the 185 channel Total Choice Xtra. Both companies have special packages at this middle level that include DVR service. Direct TV also has a package at this level that includes HDTV.

When you get to the largest packages, both companies’ packages contain 250 channels. Direct TV’s Total Choice Premier package has the premium movie channels of Starz, Showtime, HBO, and Cinemax. It also includes a Sports Pak with programming like Comcast SportsNet, ESPNU, Fox Sports Network, and Sun Sports. Dish Network’s America’s Top 250 contains 250 channels also, but you do not get the premium movie channels unless you subscribe to an even larger package, the America’s Everything Pak. Dish Network also does not include a sports package in with its programming. You can, however, subscribe to the MultiSport package, which contains much of the same programming as the Sports Pak, with any of the larger packages.

Each company has similar quality services, with the ability to access features like electronic program guides, parental controls, interactive television, and high definition television. Corollary services differ between the two companies with Direct TV offering Total Choice Mobile, a satellite television packages that can be accessed from any road in America, and Dish Network offering the PocketDish, a small and portable entertainment device meant to allow users to download programming from any Dish Network receiver. Dish Network also offers Dish on Demand, an interactive Pay Per view service that makes it possible to watch movies at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Customer Satisfaction

Dish Network Satellite TV is ranked at the top in customer satisfaction among all the cable television & satellite TV providers.

Direct TV is ranked second in customer satisfaction among all the cable television & satellite providers.

Direct TV vs Dishnetwork — The Bottom Line

The customer service and level of technology is similar with both satellite companies so it is impossible to make a poor choice when choosing between them. Just look for the programming package and price that most appeals to you and you will get high quality satellite entertainment with great values. Both companies are currently offering special HDTV and DVR deals. Tired of hassles with Cable TV? Switch your home entertainment to satellite TV. Click one of the links to sign up now for the best Direct TV Special Deals and Dish Network Special Deals.

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Sports Handicapping

Sports handicapping is one of the most profitable investment opportunities around. So many people lose thousands and thousands of dollars sportsbetting every single day. There problem is they do not invest enough time researching sports betting lines, sports betting news, sports odds, and sports live odds. That is truly their weakness right there. For anyone working a full-time job of at least 40 hours a week, you really won’t have time to research sports picks to come up with the best and most profitable sports picks.

You are probably the average sports fan that likes to just bet on your favorite sports team. Well that’s fine, if you aren’t sports gambling for a living and just want to throw your money away year after year then go a head and keep on doing what you are doing. If you are serious about sportsbetting and want to make a stable income year after year and quit your day job to bet on sports you need to do the following:

Find the best sports handicapper out there possible. One that will guarantee you a winning month or your money back! Also one that will give you an 82% ROI or your money back. Also, you want one that has a sportsbooks direct connection to all the great online bonuses for signing up on a sportsbook. Many sportsbooks out there offer a 10% or better sign up bonus for new people joining the sportsbook. You can read many sportsbook reviews or checkout many sportsbooks online to find which one will suit you best.

Once you find your sportsbook, it will be time to move into betting online for a huge profit. Wagering online has been around since the beginning of the internet crave. Now it is so easy to wager online, you can even do it on your phone! Phones now today have the internet and within a few minutes you can bet on any game you’d like. Even vip sportsbook and vip sports cannot touch the sports handicapping picks I am receiving on a daily basis. I pay a flat fee of $50.00 a month for all the best sports predictions anyone could ever pick. One of the largest profit margins of the year so far has been on point spreads for college basketball and point spreads basketball. This month alone I have netted more than $10,000 in profit from these types of games. All thanks to my professional sports handicappers picks.

Now when you go the sports handicappers route instead of trusting your own losing picks, you should consider the following:

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Degrees and Careers in Sports, Recreation and Fitness

One of the biggest emerging fields in which to pursue a career in is the combined field of sports, recreation and fitness. Whereas some other careers and markets are shrinking, this career path is continuing to grow and expand to include more things, more opportunities and brighter and better people.

To succeed in potential careers in sports, recreation and fitness there are several different types of degrees that somebody can use to their advantage. While degrees in other areas can serve you well in this field, these are some of the best bets when looking to pursue some aspect of a recreation or sports career. While graduate school is usually not a prerequisite to get a job in these fields, it is an increasingly competitive area and therefore the more schooling you get the better prepared you will be to get hired and be successful.

Business Degrees (Bachelor’s of Business or MBA)

In more sports and recreation businesses, companies and organizations are not solely looking for people with a sports background. So you don’t have to be a former athlete or have a longstanding relationship in sports, fitness or recreation to succeed. More and more, sports and recreation businesses are looking for the smartest minds they can find; the people with a very strong business background and sense. Therefore, a business degree can be highly beneficial in this field. Careers within the field these degrees can lead you to: sports agent, general manager of a team, stadium or department, etc.

Sports Management Degrees

A sports management degree will give you some business knowledge while having it applied directly to the sports business world. You will learn about subjects such as sports marketing and apply business principles to expected real-world, sports or recreation settings. These include sports teams, recreational departments and of course much more. Careers that a sports management degree can help you obtain: anything in the world of sports business, from sports marketing and public relations, to running recreational groups or leagues, etc.

Exercise and Physiology Degrees

If you love sports and also love science, or merely have a passion for staying in shape this might be the right path for you to take. A degree in line with exercise and physiology will give you a heads up in many aspects of the fitness community; and may be required for certain positions. Careers you could expect to pursue with this background: personal trainer, team trainer or doctor, sports nutritionist, etc.

Here is a broad sampling of careers in sports, recreation and fitness that you may consider pursuing with any of the above degrees (or additional backgrounds, educations or interest bases):

1. Sports agent: When many people think of a career in sports the first thing they think about is being a sports agent. This is an extremely tough field, which is highly competitive and crowded. However, if you are successful as a sports agent you will find it to be extremely lucrative as you make a percentage of your clients’ contracts.

2. General manager/management of teams, leagues and sports businesses: Having a strong business sense applied to sports and specific sports or situations can lead to what many people consider a dream job, being a general manager for a team. Of course it can also lead to managing events, stadiums, leagues, groups and departments. As these are top level positions, you can expect to earn anywhere from $75,000 to million dollar yearly salaries. Of course, in smaller situations such as minor league teams that salary would be significantly lower.

3. Team doctor, sports trainer, or nutritionist: If you are a doctor or have a fitness background there is a wide range of opportunities available here; from training individual clients to entire teams, rehabbing injured athletes or creating and implementing proper diets for them. Depending on your degree level and experience, you can make equal or greater money to what a typical doctor would.

4. Sports marketing, sponsorship and public relations: While this isn’t what first comes to mind for many people, this is perhaps the largest field of potential careers and opportunities in recreation, sports and fitness. Athletes and teams need sponsorship and need to be marketed to the public. Additionally, some products need to be marketed specifically to a sports audience. This creates lots of jobs in these fields and your income can grow as you sell more sponsorship and market more clients successfully.