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Sports Bettors Choice of Sportsbooks – Five Essential Elements to Look For

The Internet sportsbook has become a standard venue for bettors to place their wagers. The fact is that 15 years ago, web-based sports betting sights were a dream, now they are as common as the drive-through at McDonalds. There are hundreds of choices on the Net when it comes to sports betting parlors. Here are five essential elements that a sports wagering website should possess.

Solid Reputation

You want to frequent sportsbooks that have good reputations. If a site has been around five or more years, then that’s a good sign. Additionally, checkout independent reviews of the site before depositing any cash. Is the site endorsed by people you trust? Does it have a reputation for easy withdrawal and deposit methods, for ease of use and for simply being fair? Is it monitored by an independent body or organization?


Any site that you utilize should have 24-7 help via a toll-free number, chat, email and/or fax. The folks who help you should be knowledgeable and service oriented. Additionally, the sports betting site that offers free articles on wagering, strategy tips and insights into the sports scene is a good bet.


Sites that show an interest in you by acting as a resource for you are good. Along with what is outlined under the heading of help, if a sports betting site goes the extra mile by offering season and playoff previews, interviews and insights from pros and connections to other types of gambling, then that’s a good sign. If variety is important to you, look for a sports betting site that also has poker, casino and horseracing alternatives.

Numerous Deposit Options

As of late, U.S. players have been hampered in their gambling efforts by fairly new laws that are a throwback to another century. Congress enacted these laws that are directed at eliminating online gambling opportunities for Americans and although they severely limited betting for a while, eventually the owners of online betting parlors found ways to circumvent these laws. Chances are if you are a sports bettor in the United States that no site will be able to take a deposit from your bank or credit card. But there are options for U.S. bettors that include wire services and E-Checks.


Perks are not the most important thing in the world, but they can be useful and helpful. Are there deposit bonuses, a VIP Club, special wagering opportunities or bonus point available? Does the site offer some sort of inside information, special wagering opportunities or unusual props or exotics? Ask yourself, what do you want from an Internet website and go for it.

When push comes to shove, sports bettors should look for a dependable site that offers a range of betting opportunities. Define what’s important to you as a gambler and seek it out. The World Wide Web is waiting to be explored and exploited.

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Online Marketing – Establishing Your Target Market

One of the most common questions that I have gotten over the past several years is “How do you successfully marketing your business online?” Establishing you target market is probably the most important thing you can do when getting your business started. The reason you want to establish your target market is to zero in on who your customers really are. If you do not know the make up of your customers, then you will be throwing money out the window when it comes to ANY type of marketing.

Let me give you an example. A few years ago, I had a client/business partner ask me about a few ways to marketing on the internet. After showing them exactly what to do and how to get their ads out there for their market to see they decided to take the easy road…or so it seemed. Instead of going out and doing their research and doing the due diligence on who their target was, they decided to cast a net over the whole ocean and see what they caught.

First of all, let me tell you that working any business like this will put you out of business very fast. Yes, you will get some prospects/leads that will come through your marketing efforts, and they might even be good prospects/leads. The problem is that you threw your marketing out for everyone to see. If you are doing any paid type of marketing you won’t be do it for long.

Marketing to the wrong set of keywords will KILL your business, produce a substandard leads, and will suck you bank account dry. You just don’t throw everything against the wall and see what sticks. On the other hand, marketing to the right set of keywords or the right target market will EXPLODE your business. Believe it or not, there really is a systematic approach to marketing a business online. So you might be to the point now where you are saying to yourself, “How do I establish my target market and how do I find the right keywords or key phrases in order to zero in on my potential customers?”

Well, the first thing that I do is get out a pen and paper and start to write down the top 10 words that relate to what my business, product, or service is all about. Remember that while you are thinking about words that relate to what you are marketing you should also be thinking about phrases. Here is an example of what I am talking about. Let’s say that you are marketing left-handed golf clubs. Your focus should not only be on keywords like golf clubs but the whole phrase “Left Handed Golf Clubs.” By having phrases that match exactly what you are offering will drastically increase the quality of your prospects/leads.

Establishing your target market is huge. Understanding your target market is the first step in internet marketing. Using Google is one of the easiest ways to find out who your target will be for your online business. There are some questions that you will need to ask yourself when researching your target market. You need to be able to answer the following questions:

- Who is your customer
- What do they do
- What is their age group
- Where do they live
- Where do they hang out

Think of as many of these types of questions as possible and answer them about your customers. This will help you establish the target market that you’re looking for. Think of as many questions as you can about your target market and write them down. The more you can know about your target market, the better you will be able to personalize your marketing to reach the segment of the population most likely to want your products and services.

Keywords and Their Impact on Target Marketing

Part of developing your target market is by understanding keywords and how they work for you. Keywords are the words search engines pick up from your web site that make it show up in internet searches on various search engines. When you are doing pay-per-click or targeted marketing, you’re going to have to have certain keywords that are targeted to the type of people that you’re looking for.

If you’re marketing on Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc., you need keywords to market to. Let’s say you’re in a home business, direct sales oriented, and you’re looking for people to market to, people who want to work from home. You need the right keywords, and the more of those keywords you have, the more of those people you will attract. Words like internet business, online business, home based business, home business, business opportunity. The more popular the keyword or keyword phrase, the more competitive it is going to be.

Keyword Tools

So as you establish your target market, try to get into some areas that might not be as highly competitive – a niche – and corner that market. Now you’re going to need a tool to mine these keywords, to find the keywords and keyword phrases you need, to put into your campaign that you’re going to be marketing to, you’re going to need a tool. This is your keyword research for target marketing. One of the tools that I go to first when I am looking into a niche market is a tool called Spyfu is a great tool to use when looking into the keywords and key phrases your competition is targeting. Not only can you research keywords and key phrases, you can type in a web address (maybe a competitors site) and research the exact keywords and phrases that they are marketing on. This tool is great research and will shorten your learning curve when working on finding your target market.

Another free keyword tool – probably one of the best free ones, because you can generate misspelled keywords – is Let me explain what I mean about misspelled keywords. A lot of times, when people go to do a search on the internet, they are typing so fast that they type the search term in wrong. They misspell them. This site will help you come up with the most common misspellings of the keywords and search terms you want to use.

For example, with the word home business, one of the most common misspellings is o-m-e business. They are typing so fast that the “h” doesn’t work. Ome business becomes a legitimate keyword, one you can bid on. It’s very cheap and it’s a good way to get leads. If you want to use this keyword tool, you’ll need to download it to your hard drive, open up the program, and start using it. If you’re on a limited budget and want to use a free keyword generating program, and are two of the best 3rd party tools that I have used.

If you want to use paid programs, is about $37 a month. It’s a good program, the one I choose to use. It lays everything out for you. You can go to the website and watch a demo of their services.

Keywords, then, are the foundation of your business.

Marketing to the wrong set of keywords will suck your bank account dry!

I’ve seen people conduct internet marketing campaigns on Google and spend $1500 in about an hour and a half or two hours. They get discouraged and don’t want to do it anymore and they quit, because they can’t afford it. I’ve seen people have their bank accounts sucked dry from marketing the wrong way on the internet, so you don’t want to market to the wrong keywords.

Keywords are the foundation of your business. You have to make sure you’re marketing to highly targeted keywords and that you know exactly what you’re doing and how to manage your internet marketing.

Marketing to the wrong set of keywords will produce substandard leads!

When you produce substandard leads, you’re going to be wasting both time and money. Substandard leads lead to bad conversations with people who aren’t looking for what you’re offering. You’re going to be talking to people who aren’t going to convert.

Let’s say you’re marketing to dog grooming and you get a bunch of people from horse grooming, that’s a substandard lead. It’s not targeted to your business. They’re not looking for what you’re offering. You want to make sure that the leads you generate are ones really looking for your product.

If you’re in the sports industry and you sell sports-related equipment, you want to make sure that everyone who is coming to your site, everyone who is clicking on your ads pertains to sports industry and sports equipment.

Marketing to the wrong set of keywords will kill your business!

Over the last several years, I’ve seen this happen a number of times. People fall off because they do not know how to market and they market to the wrong target market. Learn to market to the correct target market. Find out what your market is and market to that target only. Don’t scatter your marketing efforts to all these different areas on the internet and expect to get good, quality leads. You need to have quality, targeted leads.

Another free tool that you should be using is Google’s keyword generator, at This is Google’s keyword tool. It’s free and it is the one that I use most of the time. It won’t do misspellings, but if you’re marketing on Google, this is a great one to use, because it gives you a really great breakdown of the keyword searches.

The way this tool works is that you can enter a specific keyword phrase, like internet marketing. Enter the security code and then click “get more keywords.” Google generates a list of related keywords, the search volume, and the level of competition you will have with each keyword. Google’s keywords can help you find keywords you can use both with marketing on Google as well as marketing with other sites and search engines.

This is a great tool for mining for keywords that people click on. You can build campaigns around these keywords. You can copy and paste the list of words into a text or .csv file or paste it into a spreadsheet and then use the words in your marketing efforts.

You can use Google’s keyword tool to generate ideas for keywords. Try searching for other words related to internet marketing, like promoting, or marketing tips, or promoting your business. You’ll see that some of these other keywords are a little less competitive and can provide you with different alternatives for building your marketing campaigns.

Using these keywords is how you establish your target market. As you do this, make sure you remember to answer the questions about who your target market is. Then use the keyword generators to develop specific keyword tools around which you can build your marketing campaigns.

I have seen people over the past few years that have gone out of business or worse, gave up on marketing because of not focusing in on who they are marketing to. This is a very important step in you journey to becoming a great internet marketer. The people that set themselves up the right way in the beginning are the ones that end up being ultra successful and it all starts with knowing how to establish your target market.