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3 Ways Your Sports Fundraiser Makes Your Team Look Bad

A fundraiser is an extension of your sports program – anything you are selling or sending out to potential donors reflects on what people think about your organization. With this in mind, you want to make sure your fundraiser makes your team look like a professional and winning organization. People like to support a winner anyways. Below are three things you should watch for to ensure your sports program looks good while fundraising.

1. Branding – Branding is the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. In relation to your team fundraiser, this means the logos and colors that people identify with your program. Anything that is being put out in front of donors for your fundraiser should fully represent the logos and colors of your team. Furthermore, make sure every part of your fundraiser looks the same. Your direct mail piece should look like your online landing page so people are sure they are in the right place. The picture to the right shows a a fundraiser done by a team that utilized direct mail and a website. Both the website and direct mail piece look similar while the team’s branding is in check. Overall the fundraiser looks professional, reflecting well on the team.

2. Cheap Products: Is your team selling candy, discount cards, magazines, or candles? Most of this is crap people really do not want. They purchase them because they feel guilty and then these products just sit around their house going unused. I personally have some magazine subscriptions that go unread and pile up in the house. Having the players on your team sell products that people do not want reflects badly on your team. Make sure the products you are selling are quality and something people want. Or you can utilize fundraisers that do not involve selling at all.

3. Commercialized Fundraiser: If any part of your fundraiser involves something being given or sent to potential donors, make sure that it is not over-commercialized. Over-commercialized means that the fundraiser is filled with advertisements, special offers or sponsors. I once received a fundraising letter that was filled with different offers from credit card companies and discounts for local businesses. It had so much of this fluff, that I can’t remember who the team was and what they were raising money for. Make sure your fundraiser sticks to what is important – your team, what your fundraising for and how it will make your program more successful.

In short, before starting your fundraiser, make sure that every part of it reflects well on your team. There are too many fundraisers that involve cheap products and poor design that will make your program look bad. Choose wisely.

Earn Extra Revenue With Online Sports Betting Affiliate Programs

The Internet is not simply a place for big businesses to get bigger or for new ideas to be rewarded with huge bonuses. There are numerous ways in which the everyday person can get in on the act and make their own small business. One of the most tried and tested ideas on the net, in terms of creating your own business is that of affiliate marketing. Thousands around the world have or still are taking advantage of this hugely lucrative market. But do not be put off by the number of opposing sites, the market is not built like so many on creating a market share and then capitalising on it. Personal website owners can earn some extra revenue just by simply hosting affiliate-advertising banners. The more business orientated and larger affiliate sites can go much further creating an entire business from the industry. It may sound a little far fetched, but when you consider that thousands of people are earning substantial amounts of cash from this simple program, it is actually a hugely effective a profitable business model.

New affiliates can choose almost any online industry to represent, most offer bonuses and free start-ups for their new partners. However few of these industries can rival the financial muscle and the astonishing growth of the sports betting business. With an industry that generates such a huge turnover each and every year, you know you are essentially representing one of the market giants. Similarly the sports betting industry is constantly growing with hundreds of people looking to join each day, which in turn means more potential custom for them and the affiliates. The sports betting affiliate program gives new affiliates the chance to experience some of the earning power of the online bookmakers. Without having to risk a penny, affiliate marketers can earn up to 35% of a player’s money generated for their entire lifetime on the site, just by recommending them.

Affiliate programs don’t cost a penny to join so there is no financial risk to be considered. The sports betting sites will provide their new affiliates with all the banners and links that they need to direct people to their site. This means that even the advertising is sewn up, leaving the affiliate the relatively easy task of choosing the content and advertising of their site. The affiliates are essentially self employed and working wholly for themselves, they have no bosses and no one to produce results for except themselves. Therefore they are free to experiment with site content as much as they wish, producing anything that they really want. Similarly the way in which an affiliate markets their own site is completely up to them. The Internet is swarming with excellent marketing tools, but depending on an affiliates budget some may be easier than others. The main problem an affiliate faces, as it is for every site, is the initial challenge of bringing people into their own site. The affiliate faces a secondary problem, which is persuading their visitors to follow links to a secondary site and join up. There is no easy solution for either of these problems, but there are plenty of options available to overcome them.