Bluehouse Offers High Quality Discount Skis Through Their Factory Direct Model

In 2006, skiing was coming back into the spotlight after snowboarding’s 15 years of dominating extreme snow sports. Skiers were taking the cool factor from snowboarding and were developing tricks and style that had never been seen before on skis. Progressive ski shapes and technologies were exploding into the market and new independent ski companies were popping into the industry.

Bluehouse was launched in 2007 by 27 year old Adam Hepworth and 26 year old Jared Richards. Determined to work in an environment they loved, they figured out a way to break into the ski industry on un-chartered territory, looking to accomplish what no other ski manufacturer had done to present. They launched an online ski company.

The first 500 pairs of Bluehouse skis were transported from the factory to Parks Sports Ski Shop in Orem, Utah. The shop owner was outraged with the 2 employees who offered a quality shop tune and wax in exchange for 2 pairs of skis. Generously, Parks Sports ran all the skis through the machines for a few dollars/pair.

Bluehouse had come to life- 2 models, in 3 different sizes. The District 187 and the MR 171 and 179. Bluehouse brought on partners Shane Larsen and Dan Nebeker to keep up with the overwhelming response from internet shoppers and ski enthusiasts who were willing to ante-up on the infant company’s online ski sale at

For 3 years, Bluehouse pushed forward, pumping out cutting edge ski designs and offering them to online shoppers at a fraction of shop retail prices. Company headquarters moved from truck beds and garages to basements and ski shops, gathering momentum throughout the recession. The timing couldn’t have worked out better for Bluehouse. Comparable in quality, big-brand name skis were priced around $700-$1000. Lift ticket prices were outrageous and skiing was becoming impossible for poor college students to afford. Bluehouse discovered college students weren’t the only ones looking for a great deal on new skis.

Bluehouse has built an outstanding, unrivaled reputation on quality customer service by listening to customer feedback for designs and boldly backing all products with a generous satisfaction guarantee. The Bluehouse District, MR, Antic, Maven, and Maestro models have individually received recognition from nationally distributed ski industry magazines. Bluehouse launched a new online store in 2010 to keep up with the response from the factory direct business model- Factory Direct Skis is now the place to find the best high quality discount skis that Bluehouse is known to produce.

As the business model is fine-tuned, Bluehouse continues to realize more success year after year. More and more savings are passed on to Bluehouse customers as overhead expenditures are minimized and Bluehouse persists with it’s goal to make skiing more affordable!