Decorate Your Bar Or Billiard Room With Your Favorite Sports Team Logo

Using a sports team or sports-related theme to decorate your home billiard room or rec room is not that uncommon. The world of sports is almost too big to imagine, with almost endless purchasing possibilities. Whether you would like a couple of NHL team logo bar stools for your bar, or you would like to completely refurnish your billiard room with your favorite team logo, there is always something readily available to make you happy. However, since there are so many different routes to take when decorating with sports team logos, it may be somewhat difficult to settle on a particular sports theme. Some ideas are discussed below.

Most sports fans have a favorite team or two. I might be stating the obvious, but one idea is to decorate your billiard room based on the logo and colors of your favorite team. If you have two favorite teams and cannot decide between them, then use them both. For example, choose a red and black color scheme for the New Jersey Devils, filling the room with the Devils team logo memorabilia, such as bar stools, wall cue racks, clocks, pub tables and more.

A second billiard room theme idea is to have rival team colors and logos, either mixed together throughout your billiard room (to show uniformity) or split down the middle of the room (to mimic competition between the two teams. Almost every major sport in every large city has a major rival, including college ball. Perhaps a set of Saint Louis Cardinals bar stools and a Chicago Cubs pub table will fit well next to your billiard table or as an accompaniment to your bar. Or how about a set of billiard balls that are half Cowboys and half Giants? And do not think that the decor between the two rival teams and colors has to be equal. Your home team or favorite team of the two can be the dominant sports team logo and color scheme in your billiard room. For instance, I have, in my home billiard room, a set of Saint Louis Rams vs. Kansas City Chiefs billiard balls and four bar stools, two Chiefs and two Rams. The remainder of my home billiard room is Saint Louis Rams and Saint Louis Cardinals, which segways nicely into the next topic.

It is also not uncommon to decorate with an intersports theme (baseball and football, hockey and basketball, etc.), especially in a bar, billiard room or hall, or anyplace else where sporting events are watched by big groups of people at once. I happen to have Saint Louis team logos, because that is who I like. And yes, I know the Rams are no good now, but I can hope. Although intersports themes are usually chosen based on home cities or cities of origin, nothing says you cannot have two or more favorites that are completely unrelated, such as the Los Angeles Lakers and Edmonton Oilers, or the Minnesota Vikings and the Pittsburg Penguins. If those are the teams you like, then decorate accordingly. Some typical sports theme ideas and team logos for your home bar or billiard room are:

• Favorite team or teams
• NCAA ball vs. pro ball
• Intersports decor, such as golf and baseball, football and hockey, etc.
• Rival teams
• City-based sports team logos
• Legendary players, like Babe Ruth, Larry Bird, Walter Payton, etc.
• Vintage or dissolved teams, like the Winnipeg Jets, Brooklyn Dodgers, etc.
• Specific sporting event, like a superbowl, an all-star game, or the Olympics

There are many more options available, many of which can be easily found online. If you know what sports team logo (or logos) you want to use, then you are headed in the right direction. Then you must figure out what you want in your billiard room in lines of furniture and decor. Team logo bar stools, pub tables, pool table lights, and wall cue racks are all great ideas, and can be found in a number of places fairly easily. Or if your budget is tight, then start out smaller with items like a team logo wall clock, mirror, rug or pennant, which use up no extra space, either. Creating the perfect sports team logo billiard room should be fun and exciting and not feel like work. I hope this article has sparked some thoughts that will help you out and make the process easier.