Improve Your Sports Bar With the NFL Sunday Ticket

It is safe to say that Americans love their sports especially football. Having a home team to root for can make people feel like part of a community. People follow their teams with an almost religious passion, and can make instant friends with someone just by sitting next to each other at a bar and realizing you are both cheering at the same touchdowns. If you own, have recently opened, or are thinking about opening a sports bar, make your business the best it can be and live up to its name by giving customers what they come in for-football.

Almost as much as for their love of the game, Americans are also known for their tendency to move away from home, sometimes frequently. We go off to college in another state, then enter the working world in yet another. One way to fight off some of the homesickness that is an inevitable result of all this moving around is to be able to watch your football team with fellow fans, from no matter what part of the country you are in. And one of the best places to do this is at a sports bar.

Let us be honest-all those Sunday night regular customers that frequent sports bars? They are not there just for the draft beer. They want to see their team in action. And they want to see the entire game, not read about it in the news or see just bits and pieces online or highlights from a segment on TV. They do not want to miss a single second of play, and they want to share the excitement of every touchdown with fellow fans.

If you own or manage such an establishment and have not already done so, you should contact your satellite provider and ask for a subscription to the NFL Sunday Ticket. This will give you-and, more importantly, your customers-access to teams and games from all corners of the country, regardless of whether or not they are being aired on local networks or cable broadcasts.

With this package, you will get a huge selection of out-of-market games-as well as all regional games produced by FOX and CBS-throughout the 17-week NFL regular season. For your bar, that means four months of customer satisfaction that can’t be topped. Plus, if you are concerned about your budget, you can consider a subscription a valuable investment, even inexpensive, if you think about how much your bar and food sales will go up as more and more people start showing up and stay longer (at least until the end of the game).

If you really want to set yourself apart from the competition and keep your customers coming back for more, add the Superfan package to your subscription. With this extra package, you will receive as many as 12 NFL games in high definition picture quality, as well as various other bonus features, such as Game Mix, which is a channel that shows 8 games at the same time.